What Banksy can Teach us about SEO

What if graffiti had nothing to do with physical vandalism ?  Looking back on the state of media, its hard to imagine street art without the internet.

banksy seo tagging

If you do a google search for Banksy you get 4.5Mresults.
If you do a google search for “street art” you get 11M results.

That means Banksy covers 41% of most internet searches – one guy.  Maybe thats not significant, but I think its rather high.  And the funny part is that his “tagging” work would not have been possible without the internet.  And metaphorically, what are meta “tags” – leaving your mark on an article , page, or image.  Sounds like graffiti.

The web is asking to be tagged – it just looks like someone already beat us to it, way before we got wind of it.

As with all great content, if you make something truly great, people will find it, resyndicate and share it, and google will index it.


A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to.
― Banksy

Create something today and share it.  And while you are at it, tag it with some really good non branded keywords to get it out there.   In todays world, your work has to be created with soul, and marketed with science.