Google’s Virtual Reality Swag

cardboard VR google


Swag is often a commodity that is very forgettable. Google stepped it up this year ( in addition to some high tech goodies ) by adding a low fi leave behind this year.  A slim packet unfolds into a cardboard virtual reality headset.  An NFC chip preloads an app and you can look around a variety of google earth views.  I got to try this out myself and I was rather impressed.

Takeaway:  If you want to leave an impression – do something different.  Often a combination of digital and analog can be most memorable, but you need to have a very low barrier to entry.  Kudos for google for breaking ground with something so simple but buzzworthy.






Remember SETI ? Samsung brings back Mobile Processing

SETI mobile

Samsung introduces a new app to allow for users to donate mobile processing power to research Universities.  As people continue to realize that phones are mobile computers, I imagine that more and more developers will realize the potential of the processing power of phones and the full extent of how sensors and geo location data can empower research and larger solutions.

The mobile phone has always been a consumer level intimate object. What happens when people start viewing mobile as a distributed grid / network.  The possibilities could be really great.