Rethinking security questions for the modern age

Your mothers maiden name.

The Street you grew up on.

Your pets name.

In an era where every social moment is documented and searchable, we need to rethink internet security questions for the modern era.  Your password should not be able to be reset by someone who can look at your Facebook page, or run a basic internet lookup.  Things like biometric data ( apple pay fingerprint scans ) are steps in the right direction, but there are some basic approaches that we should adopt for the platforms we use to be safer.  Two factor authentication being one of the easiest ones to correct. Many programs send an SMS one time use code to your cell phone when you register.

There will always be social hacking, and phishing attempts, and just smart people that know how to get in.  But there is an obligation for the people that design platforms to not make our personal information guessable and easily hackable.  In a time where my digital life is almost more valuable then my physical assets, we need better protection.

As technology changes us, we owe it to ourselves to rethink the processes and legacy processes that its built on. Some things will remain solid over time, other things become less relevant and need to be updated.  Adapt