ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Data Visualization

IBC ALS ice bucket challenge celebrity data visualization ice bucket challenge stars dataIBC-data-visualization-als-icebucketals ice bucket challenge celebrity data visualization

This is the first of a few visualizations to come (Click image for bigger version).  I was very interested in mapping the syndication of this challenge through social networks and looked into mapping it from its source to some of the more famous public figures who have recently taken it on.  I will update this again next week when I have some more data (updated 8/18) . I am having trouble connecting some of the elements in my tree to other social graphs. This one is the biggest so far.  

I would love to make this an interactive page with videos if someone is interested in helping out – I am not sure the best way to pull that off.  I was trying to do this in D3, but now am using Cytoscape. 


ps. Thanks to Leonard for the help!