The Need for Contextual Mobile Advertising: Nike Running App

I love using my phone for workouts with itunes radio – there is one problem.  The ads I get while running my 5k are for Pepsi and McDonalds.  I am not complaining about the ads themselves. I understand the trade off between getting free music and listening to a free advertisement, but you would think that my phone would be smart enough to know I am using the Nike Running App, and thus am working out. Additionally, their is a key missed opportunity to associate key brands with my workout.  In theory, I could crave a soda or big mac after my run, but usually its the last thing I am thinking about while trying to get in shape.  This seems like a big missed opportunity. 

In a world where the internet knows 120+ dimensions of who I am and what I buy/watch, I am surprised that ads are still so dumb.  This is another example of how we should be leveraging data to create more meaningful experiences to create relationships between brands and consumers.