Beyond Mobile and QR

I spent a considerable amount of my time exploring QR codes and new ways that we could rethink mobile marketing engagement over the last few years at . It was a passion project of mine, but QR codes are no longer my focus. I think still think they are neat, but I view them as a small tool or entry point to a larger view or ecosystem about how we think about how people interact with the media ecosystem.

I also spent some time tracking trends in creative business and innovative digital marketing at  I will still keep this active, but I decided I needed a new direction.  This blog will showcase how I think and what I find interesting in the digital space. So many websites track what is new or hot, but I am not interested in the race to the bottom or calling out first.  I’ve decided my new focus will be to unlock and communicate the insights behind some of the new changes in digital marketing.  Through understanding and making connections, I hope to inspire and share my findings with a bigger community. I hope that will be able to learn and share findings from many of you in the upcoming months and years.